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Remote (11 min., 2011, USA)
In the collage video Remote, dream logic invokes a presence that drifts through physical and temporal barriers. There is a presence lingering in the dark woods, just under the surface
of a placid lake and at the end of dreary basement corridor. It’s not easy to locate because
it’s outside but also inside. It doesn’t just crawl in on your wires because it’s not a thing.
It’s a shocking eruption of electrical energy.


Jesse McLean (1975, Philadelphia, United States) is a media artist and educator whose research
is motivated by a deep curiosity about human behavior and relationships, especially as presented and observed through the mediation of found footage. My recent work interpolates the production, proliferation, and consumption of televisual experience, investigating how this transfer of information creates a bind of complex relationships between maker and viewer. Interested both in the power
and the failure of the mediated experience to bring us together, my work asks the viewer to walk
the line between voyeur and participant. She has presented her work at museums, galleries, and
film festivals worldwide. She was the recipient of the Ghostly Award at the 2011 Images Festival
and the Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award for Emerging Experimental Video Artist at the 2010 Ann Arbor Film Festival. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature at University of Iowa.
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