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Albert Alcoz

Filmmaker, writer, teacher and curator of experimental cinema. Bachelor of Fine Arts
from the University of Barcelona and DEA in Creation Theory, Analysis and Information
Film from the University Pompeu Fabra. Since 2005 makes films with Super 8, 16 mm
and video, working with found footage and cameraless techniques. HIs films have been
projected in places like the Anthology Film Archives from New York and film festivals
as EXiS in Seul. Hamaca distributes some of his pieces. Since may 2006 he writes
and designs the Visionary Film website about avantgarde cinema and current
experimental film.
Alberto Cabrera Bernal

Filmmaker, artist and teacher, his films have been shown in international venues and festivals
such as Anthology Film Archives (New York), Images Festival (Toronto), EXiS (Seoul), CCCB (Barcelona), Cinemateca Brasileira (Sao Paulo) or Views from the Avant-Garde (New York).
He has given workshops and master classes on avant-garde cinema in institutions and centers
like Matadero Madrid, and articles have been written about him, for example, Four Ways to Define Cinema. Alberto Cabrera Bernal, Beyond any Orbit. Decentered Audiovisuals, or Contemporary Appropriation Audiovisual Ways, Styles and Formats in Spain.

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