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Seeing in the Rain (10 min., 1981, Canada)
Photographed through the windshield of a Vancouver city bus and edited according to the rhythms
of the bus' windshield wiper, the film transforms the linear “narrative” of the bus ride into a temporal construction that can be described as cubist. The effect of the cutting strategy on the actual temporal organization of the film is as remarkable as its effect on our sense of time.

R. Bruce Elder, Image and Identity.


Chris Gallagher's work can be cross-categorized as experimental and documentary. His films
are internationally recognized; Undivided Attention has won awards at numerous film festivals; Where Is Memory has earned critical acclaim on the festival circuit and has been licensed
for television; and Mortal Remains, a documentary on cemeteries, has been broadcast regularly. Gallagher's early short films are in numerous international collections. His most recent film
Time Being
, 88 minutes, is an experimental documentary on the human experience of time;
it is an epic journey that takes one gently down the stream of consciousness to reveal the paradox that is time. Currently he is producing installation works and photography which can be seen
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