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Engram (Optical Sound #001) (2 min., 2013, Spain)
This video was shot with an iPod Touch using 8 mm app. It's part of a series called This is not cinema that recreates experimental cinema aesthetics using lo-fi digital video tools. Images
are just a light bulb going on and off. The sound was generated from the frames, converting them first to .raw and then to .aiff. It's not 'optical sound', obviously, but it's a digital technique based
on the same idea (you see what you hear), and the resulting sounds are similar to those from
optical sound experimental films. Engram is a neuropsychology term, a hypothetical means
by which memory traces are stored as biophysical or biochemical changes in the brain in response to external stimuli.


Blanca Rego (1974) is an audiovisual artist. She studied Film Direction and New Media
and she works with video, sound and text. She is specially interested in the relationship between image and sound, a theme present in most of her artwork. Her films has been shown at festivals
in Europe and America and she also does live audiovisual shows.
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