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Aula Magna (7 min., 2013, Argentine)
A farewell structural poem for a beloved place. The images were shot frame by frame over the course of a year, in order to portray the author’s home main room through the variation of the light coming from a window. The sound, by Pablo Denegri, was made mixing and processing, on real time, direct recordings made in the same space.


Andrés Denegri (Buenos Aires, 1975) is an artist who works mostly on film, TV and video, making single channel productions as well as installations. Denegri is graduated from Universidad del Cine, where he now works as professor. He also teaches at UNTREF where he created CONTINENTE,
a center devoted to the research and development of project linked to audiovisual arts. His work have been featured at numerous exhibitions and festivals, where hi has achieved significant recognitions. He also is director of BIM (Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento).
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